Thursday, December 4, 2008

Must-See Sites for Technical Services

Thank you to Jeremy Goldstein, Berkshire Athenaeum Cataloging Supervisor, who inspired participants who attended today's WMRLS continuing education workshop "Must-See Sites for Technical Services". Jeremy's recommended technical services (and more!) websites are now featured on our WMRLS Cataloging & Classification webpage.

Thank you, too, to Dodie Gaudet, Bibliographic and Technical Services Consultant (Central Massachusetts Regional Library System). Dodie developed the original "Must See" workshop and generously granted permisssion to adapt this program for our region.

* One of the many benefits of WMRLS membership is free-of-charge continuing education workshops for member library staff on such topics as technical services, reference databases, long range planning, and guidance for library staff in new technologies.

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Jeremy Goldstein said...

Just wanted to add on a note regarding the site lists. If you come across any new sites that you feel should be included, or just any that I happened to miss, please leave a comment and add it on. This should remain a constant work in progress.

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