Wednesday, December 3, 2008

The Bill Dwight Show

I was on the Bill Dwight Show this Monday talking about libraries and library stuff. It's available as a Podcast. I am on about half way through the December 1 show. In this show I talked a lot about the intrinsic value of the library as social space.

I am also on talking about libraries and the Amazon Kindle on the November 21, show. I think I am on for about 15 minutes about 12 minutes into the Podcast.

It was fun and, I think, a good way to profile libraries and librarians to the public. It looks like I will be on as a semi-regular "library guy" guest.

The show is on AM 1240, 1400 and 96.9 FM. Bill Dwight is a former Northampton City Councilor with a pretty colorful past. I don't know where the rest of you all might be but you might have a local AM talk news show that would welcome a library correspondent. If it's your cup of tea it's a great way to promote libraries in general and programs or other happenings at your library specifically.


Adam Novitt
Pelham Library

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