Monday, December 1, 2008

Milne Library Top Ten for Appalachian Trail Hikers

The David & Joyce Milne Library in Williamstown was recently included on a short list of “hiker –friendly” libraries along the Appalachian Trail in the A.T. Journeys bimonthly magazine. The magazine features articles of interest not only to hikers but those that have an appreciation for the nation’s most legendary trail. The only library in the top ten from Massachusetts, shares its “hiker friendly” status with large county libraries in Georgia, North Carolina, Tennessee and Virginia and a few of similar size libraries in Connecticut, New Hampshire and Maine.

“This was a great acknowledgement; our through hikers have left me notes saying what a great library and friendly staff we have. We always know when the hikers begin coming through – there is definitely something in the air!” states Pat McLeod the Library Director.

~ Pat McLeod, Library Director, David & Joyce Milne Public Library, Williamstown

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