Saturday, October 25, 2014

WMLA Conversation With: Judge Michael Ponsor

Join WMLA for our third author conversation on Friday, November 21, 2014 from 10 a.m. to noon at the Holyoke Public Library.
A drive-by shooting in Holyoke, Massachusetts claims the life of a Puerto Rican drug dealer, and a nurse from a neighborhood clinic (collateral damage).  A black drug dealer is arrested.  Public outrage over the senseless killing of a white, middle class "hockey mom", causes the US attorney to shift the case into federal court so that he can pursue the death penalty.  Political maneuvering, courtroom logistics, ramifications for the families of the victims and the accused, as well as the suspense of the trial make this an important read.  Many of the same elements are involved in the upcoming Boston Bombing trials.  The local settings are familiar to many of us.
Fictional federal Judge David S. Norcross presides over the first death penalty case in Massachusetts in 50 years and all the contending details that can go wrong with a capital trial.
In 2000, US District Judge Michael Ponsor presided over a death penalty trial in Springfield - the first in Massachusetts in over fifty years.  Currently a senior US district judge in Massachusetts, with responsibility for federal criminal and civil cases, Judge Ponsor has turned his expertise to the writing of legal thrillers.  His first, "The Hanging Judge" received critical acclaim (and is a Massachusetts ‘Must Read’) for the realistic view it gives readers into the workings of the American judicial system and the moral question of the death penalty.   This is the first book in a series. 
These events are relaxed conversations between our members and an outstanding member of our author community.  Coffee and refreshments will be available at 9:30.  Parking is available along the street in front of the new entrance to the library and in generous lots adjacent to and immediately across the street from the library.
 After our discussion, Judge Ponsor will sign books.  We’ll have door prizes, books will be available for purchase or bring your own.  A tour of the new Holyoke Public Library will be available after the program.
Register for our author conversation using the MLS (Mass.Library System) calendar. 

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