Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Regional Transition Report

The following message was posted to the MBLC  "All Regions" email discussion list at 5:08 p.m. today:

To the Massachusetts Library Community:

All members of the library community and all library users are welcome to attend meetings of the Board of Library Commissioners including the meeting this Thursday, April 1, at the Chicopee Public Library. At this meeting the report of the Regional Transition Planning Committee will be presented. This is the first presentation to the Board of the complete report, and it is not an action item.

The Transition Report is the work of the Regional Transition Committee which is comprised of 3 members from the executive boards of each of the 6 regional library systems. They were supported by the regional administrators, the MBLC director and a process facilitator. The report will be the basis for a merger of the regional library systems to form the Massachusetts Library System (MLS). MLS will provide regional services to all member libraries beginning July 1, 2010.

The Board of Library Commissioners is committed to providing services through MLS on an equal basis to all libraries and residents statewide regardless of geography.

Regional library systems have held or are offering presentations on the Transition Report for regional member libraries throughout the Commonwealth. [A copy of the final report was attached to Mr. Maier's email.]


Robert C. Maier, Director
Massachusetts Board of Library Commissioners
98 North Washington Street, Suite 401
Boston, MA 02114
Ph (617) 725-1860 x249

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