Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Weeding with the CREW Method - WMRLS May 21 Continuing Education Workshop

Weeding with the CREW Method

Summary of WMRLS May 21 Continuing Education Workshop:

This workshop explored the straightforward guidelines recommended in The CREW Method, a nationally recognized tool for intelligent de-selection. Through hands-on weeding, participants discovered for themselves that these methods really work! Belinda Boon, author of The CREW Method, presented the workshop to help participants identify reasons for and against weeding and discover how to overcome obstacles, learn how to weed using The CREW Method and practice techniques for weeding non-print and children’s materials. This workshop was funded by the Together We Thrive LSTA grant.

Visit the WMRLS Weeding the Library Collection Website for links to selected handouts and more! [Our WMRLS Weed It! For an Attractive and Useful Collection website was one of the first websites to cover this important collection development topic and continues to be among the Top 10 most visited pages on our 242 page website.]

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