Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Update: MBLC Account (7000-9401)

Dear WMRLS Library Supporters:

I’m pleased to share some GOOD NEWS in these difficult times!

The FY10 budgets of both Massachusetts House of Representatives and Senate resulted in an increase of over 14% for the 6 Regional Library Systems in MBLC account (7000-9401). At the same time, there was no specific language about funding for Boston Public as Library of Last Recourse (LLR), so the amount the LLR gets from this account was decreased dramatically.

Since both the House and Senate versions of the budget were the same, this account is not subject to revisions by a legislative Conference Committee.

It is gratifying that the encouragement and advocacy of so many people made a real difference with our State legislators, who responded in a big way. We express our appreciation to our Representatives and Senators for their support of the Regions and the important services they provide, especially in this tough economy.

~ Thank you, John Ramsay, Regional Administrator, Western Massachusetts Regional Library System

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Anonymous said...

Can we assume from this that the services provided by WMRLS will not be negatively impacted? The bookmobile, etc.?

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