Friday, September 19, 2008

Captain Underpants Program!

People really seemed interested in the presentation about the Captain Underpants party we had in Springfield this past summer reading program. I wanted to post the general ideas list I had. I also have sheets for the Trivia questions, the “The Colossal Commode Award!” certificates, and the Professor Poopypants Name Change O’Matic chart. If anyone wants copies of these files, please e-mail me at and I’ll gladly send them along!
Captain Underpants Party!

The Underwear Fling!

By marking off distance on the floor with taped lines, see how far kids can fling underwear like a slingshot. The furthest underwear wins a prize! (I got the undies at the dollar store, $1 for a pack of 4.) The prize was a special certificate for the winner.

Decorate Underpants!

You can cut underpants out of paper for the kids to decorate, or buy packets of cheep white underpants and let them decorate those!

Billboard Word Game

George and Harold always use moveable billboard letters in signs to change them into funny things. Set up magnetic letters to say something ordinary (Like “Fairy Tale Story Hour, Free Apples) and see how many silly/funny things kids can make out of it. “Hairy Apes Fart” (They don’t have to use all the letters)

Professor Poopypants Name Change O’Matic

Kids get sticky nametags, and have to look up their names on the change-o-matic chart. (Chart where letters in names change the name to silly things, for example S=Tushy, H=Smelly, W=Socks. So Sarah Hodge-Wetherbe would turn into Tushy SmellySocks.) For the rest of the event, they are called by their new silly names!

Captain Underpants Trivia Contest!

Kids in teams (of 2,3, or 4 depending what your party size is) answering multiple-choice questions. For this game, the team that one got the Golden Plunger Award. These were two store bought rubber toilet plungers with the wooden handles panted gold. (Plungers were from Walmart for about $2 a piece)

TP Tower Building

Teams of kids use toilet paper rolls to try and make the tallest tower without it falling. If it falls, they have to start all over again. They have 2 minutes to build. (I awarded extra inches per 30 seconds not used. So if they finished in 1 30 seconds, they got an extra inch added to the measurement.). The tallest standing at the end of their time won! (The TP was from the Dollar Store as well, $1 for a pack of 4 rolls) The prizes were special certificates for each team member that one.

TP also makes great streamers to decorate the room!

Printable Games

We also gave away free coloring sheets and printed games from Dav Pilkey’s site at
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