Friday, August 15, 2008


Small libraries that receive bookmobile service have been responding to our request that they consider giving up bookmobile visits if their own collections are strong enough to support most of the collection browsing that their patrons do at the local library. With more than 10 libraries offering to either visit regional headquarters to borrow or receive deposits of materials by delivery instead of bookmobile, and with several libraries agreeing to meet the bookmobile at another library instead of at their own buildings, the WMRLS Bookmobile Department is well on its way to developing a shorter, more efficient and less expensive bookmobile schedule.

The bookmobile will not be on the road for much of the month of September to allow the driving staff time to develop new bookmobile routes as well as contact librarians about this new rotation of appointments. The Delivery Department will also be making some changes in delivery routes to keep up with the ever-increasing loads of materials that our member libraries are sharing with each other. We thank our bookmobile libraries for their cooperation in helping us keep this old service running.

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