Friday, March 7, 2014

Celebrate with Mary King

Please join the Western Massachusetts Library Advocates (WMLA) and the Massachusetts Library System (MLS) as we celebrate the career of Mary King at an Open House March 17 (4:30 - 6) at the MLS Office in Whately.
In 1985, Mary joined the staff of the Western Massachusetts Regional Library System (WMRLS), where she directed the bookmobile program, the delivery service, and served as a consultant specialist for small libraries.  In 2010, as the Western Region was merged into the Massachusetts Library System (MLS), Mary continued as a small library specialist for the MLS and managed the delivery service in western Massachusetts until it was replaced by an outside contractor.
During her tenure, the delivery service grew in volume from several thousand items transported per year to over two million transported per year. 
As a guide, consultant, and mentor to small libraries, Mary:
        Assisted libraries as they gathered data and developed long range plans for their library’s services.  This planning process focused their efforts and resources as they helped their libraries grow and develop and also made them eligible for grant programs.
        Helped libraries maintain their collections to be appropriate, accurate and up-to-date for their users.
        Worked to help smooth out rough spots and strengthen positive relationships between librarians, trustees, and friends groups encouraging everyone toward goals that would best serve their users.
        Served as a sounding board in delicate situations, acting as a colleague and a friend.
        Took the time to get to know library staff, their communities, and their situations.
        Was immediately responsive to problems and concerns.
Mary King is a champion of small libraries and has always focused the attentions of library agencies on the needs of those small libraries.  Join us to celebrate Mary’s career and to wish her well in her retirement.  See you in Whately on March 17.

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