Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Professional Tools to Improve Your Library Service

Librarians and Trustees–

Don’t forget that the Massachusetts Library System (MLS) maintains a collection of professional books and resources at its Whately Office. The materials are accessible in person or by request, searchable by author, title, subject and a variety of other search keys on MassCat: Professional materials will help you perform better and access new ideas and techniques. Many of these titles are expensive for smaller libraries, and larger libraries don’t always have the budget for them either. These materials on children’s services, readers advisory, budget, planning, surveys, and a host of other topics are available for the asking. Libraries can place their own requests to borrow items by following the instructions found on the MLS website:

The six regions built this collection, and the MLS is continuing to support it. The Western MA Library Club’s Humphrey Fund also contributed for almost 20 years. The collection is a great resource, and it is housed in the Whately Office. Give it a try online and take a look at the holdings when you are in Whately. Contact either MLS office if you need assistance.

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