Tuesday, July 5, 2011

BIG E TICKETS OFFER for Western MA PUBLIC libraries

The Western Massachusetts Library Advocates (WMLA) Board of Directors is pleased to announce that arrangements have been made with the Eastern States Exposition to provide to each Western Massachusetts PUBLIC LIBRARY, who are conducting a summer reading program, free tickets for this fall’s Big E in West Springfield. Special thanks go to the Southwick Public Library for their hard work on getting the ball rolling on this.

Now for the details. The Big E will provide two (2) free general admission tickets to each public library in Western Massachusetts with the understanding that these tickets will be used as incentives or rewards for children and teens to encourage them to read over the summer. The winners should be chosen through a random drawing of names at the end of your summer reading program.

To participate:
Place a self-addressed #10 business-sized, STAMPED envelope (SASE) [must hold 2 tickets and one Big E brochure] addressed to YOUR library with “ATTN: [your library’s person designated to receive these valuable tickets]” inside another stamped envelope.

Mail to:
P. O. BOX 609
South Deerfield, MA 01373

NOTE: Your SASE must be received by WMLA by Friday, July 15, 2011.

For security reasons, DO NOT write the words “Tickets” or “Big E” on the outside of the envelopes.

DO NOT send your request through delivery system due to the ongoing change of delivery responsibility.

For Western MA public library systems that have branch libraries, you will need to either send a separate SASE for each branch OR one large envelope with sufficient postage to hold the number of tickets and brochures you are requesting. Please tell us how many branches for which you wish tickets.

The only request that The Big E has made of Western Massachusetts public libraries receiving these free tickets is that the public be notified of their donation to encourage reading among our young people. So please create signs or posters with this information. We at WMLA will send you a generic press release that you can use to notify the media.

The WMLA Board members will process your requests and mail the tickets shortly after July 15th.

Please contact me via email with any questions or concerns.

Thank you for your time,

Deborah G. Bruneau, President of Western Massachusetts Library Advocates, and
Director, Adams Free Library
92 Park Street, Adams, MA 01220-2096
413-743-8344 (FAX)

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