Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Western Mass Libraries Blog 2.0

Hi everybody!

Welcome back!!!

The newly forming Western Mass. Library Advocates (formerly the Friends of WMRLS and the Western Mass. Library Club) are combining efforts to support western Mass. libraries. One of those efforts is to get the blog up and running again! Those of you who were authors before can still post to the blog. If you have news for the blog and are not an author, please send an email to and we'll post it for you.

Your new and floundering bloggers:
Jan Resnick and Lynn Coakley

Thanks to Janet Eckert for her gracious assistance and support in getting us started. All mistakes are ours alone!

be kind while we figure this out! And post away.


Barbara W said...

Welcome Back.....

Eric P said...

Excellent!!!! Go Western Mass Libraries!

Betty J said...

Great news!!

kc said...

Thank you for doing this. Western Mass Libraries Rock!

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