Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Belated Tech services roundtable notes

1. Purchasing Co-op deadline March 31; bid by end of April - e-mail
Jan Resnick if necessary.
2. WMRLS Restructuring - process of merger continues; consolidation
of staff and services at the Regional level (47 staff to be reduced to 22); has link to merger transition report, with important summary beginning on p. 4; plan should be final by June; WMRLS building will be open for at least a year as delivery hub; MassCat and training will continue; one positive thing is that data bases will be state-wide eventually; MARLS Coop is state-wide already, and it works well.
Facebook: "We Love Western Mass Libraries."
3. FY11 budget - How have individual Tech Services Depts. been
affected? Frustration expressed re: TS staff getting cut, and the difficulty of using subs in TS; also, the difficulty of working as subs in public services, when staff are out sick, on vacation, etc.
4. C/WMARS -Janet Schrader on communicating with CWMARS and
especially when registering for workshops - PLEASE include full name, library name, e-mail and use subject line to state topic or workshop name.
5. CatExpress up for renewal; deadline is very soon. Janet
believes records will still be .99 per record, and it's the same rate for extra records.
6. Migration to Evergreen should be in 18 months. It will only
occur, however, after Serials and Acquisitions modules are ready.
7. RDA will begin to replace AACR2; it might be web-based only,
8. Next Meeting: June 9, 2010, 10 a.m. - Belchertown, Clapp
Memorial Library.

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