Monday, March 8, 2010

Idea from the Williamsburg library

Lisa Wenner of the Meekins Library in Williamsburg shared this idea with me and allowed me to publish it out on the WMRLS-one-blog. Great work there! We keep hearing from legislators that they need to hear from library users re: WMRLS, not just library staff alone.

"Today I bought 100 stamped postcards and am handing them out to people at the library, asking that they write to legislators outside our district. Have downloaded the email addresses from Friends page for those who want to send email, copied the talking points from Friends page. Also printed the addresses of all legislators with special emphasis on President of Senate, Chair of House and same for Ways and Means Committee chairs. "

Thanks Lisa

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Rose said...

It's just like Lisa to come up with a great idea. We should all take her lead!

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