Monday, November 9, 2009

Greenfield Public Library Mid-Year Budget Cuts

Greenfield Public Library Budget Cuts: How Will this Impact You?

On November 18, there will be a Public Hearing at 5:30pm at the Greenfield Middle School Auditorium so the Council can vote on amending the FY10 budget. The amendment put forward includes a $30,300 cut in the library's budget. Below are documents that will help explain what a cut of this size will mean to the GPL.

What will these cuts mean to you and how you use the library?

The Greenfield Public Library has already lost 3 staff members, and 3.5 open hours this year.

With these cuts we are now facing:

  • losing 4 more staff people, bringing us to a staff cut of 35% in less than a year
  • closing 2 evenings and 1.5 hours on Saturdays
  • reducing our magazine holdings by ½
  • greatly reducing reference services and online databases subscriptions
  • severely reducing or eliminating children and adult programming
  • increasing wait time for holds to 2+ weeks
  • longer lines at check out and more noise
  • not being able to repair or replace any equipment or materials
  • 2 more potential rounds of budget cuts; services now being reduced could be eliminated entirely
  • the possibility of losing Interlibrary Loan next year if monies taken now are not replaced in next year’s budget.

The Greenfield Public Library is a service organization; when we lose staff, we cannot provide services.

Proposed New Library Hours

Monday 1-5pm

~~~ Please attend ~~~
November 18, 2009; 5:30pm
Greenfield Middle School Auditorium

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