Monday, November 16, 2009

Barnes and Noble Fundraiser for Libraries - January 17 and 18, 2010

Barnes and Noble Martin Luther King Day Library Fundraising Event

Locations of participating western Massachusetts Barnes and Noble Stores: Hadley | Holyoke | Pittsfield

LIBRARY RESPONSIBLITIES to participate in January 17 and 18 Martin Luther King Day Barnes and Noble Library Fundraising Event:

• Library must register directly with their Barnes and Noble Community Relations Manager* (CRM) by Tuesday, December 1, 2009.
• Each library that participates in this fundraising event must schedule an event to be held on one of the two days of this fundraiser. Event can be a booktalk, demonstration (Example: how to knit), library program (Examples: storyhour, readers theater, author talk).
• Events will be scheduled on a first-come, first served basis.
• Libraries may "team up" and conduct combined events.
• A representative from each of the library's (staff, Friend of Library, trustee) must man an information table (one table representing all of the participating libraries so that each library needs only to schedule one to two hours of table coverage time). Information tables can only be put up in the event space during an event.
• Prior to the fundraising event, the library contact meets with CRM to prepare a library "wish list" of items that the public can purchase for them. This needs to be done 4-6 weeks prior to the bookfair

• Each library will register directly with their Barnes and Noble CRM
• The CRM will communicate directly with the libraries that are participating in this fundraiser

*Hadley Barnes and Noble Community Relations Manager:
Karen E. Lynn, Store Manager, Barnes and Noble Booksellers
335 Russell Street, Hadley, MA 01035; tel: (413) 584-2558;
fax: (413) 584-8750;

*Holyoke Barnes and Noble Community Relations Manager:
Gail Harris, Barnes and Noble, 7 Holyoke Street, Holyoke, MA 01040; tel: (413) 532-1786; fax: (413) 532-1973;

Pittsfield Barnes and Noble Community Relations Manager:
Melissa Swart, Store Manager, Barnes and Noble Booksellers, 555 Hubbard Avenue, Pittsfield, MA 01201; tel: (413) 496-9051; fax: (413)496-9755 ;

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