Thursday, August 20, 2009

Library Lesson Plans

On July 24, West Springfield Public Library Assistant Reference Librarian, Anna Popp, posted the following message to the "cwinfo" email discussion list:

"Do we have a central place to share curriculum or modules for trainings offered by library staff? I am specifically looking for input on a Computer Lab Resume Writing workshop. I plan to speak with our HR folks, the local one stop career, temp agencies, etc. But I figured materials from my contemporaries would be most beneficial. And if there’s a spot where folks regularly post shared work, I would love to know about that, too!"
WMRLS, CMRLS, C/W MARS staff - and many, many, western and central Massachusetts librarians had the same response to Anna's question: What a great idea! AND Working Together we all created the brand new Central and Western Massachusetts Library Training Materials website!
The goal of CENTRAL AND WESTERN MASSACHUSETTS LIBRARY LESSON PLANS is for librarians to share lesson plans and tutorials that they have developed that provide instruction for the the public about how to use C/W MARS, the statewide DATABASES, library skills and technology, job searching and resume writing, and other life skills.
Do visit this site today. Email me to share your lesson plans OR become a site collaborator (in this way, you can post directly to the page).
Sincerely, Janet Eckert, WMRLS

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