Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Read and React: Restore the noble purpose of libraries?

From The Christian Science Monitor:

Opinion: Restore the noble purpose of libraries ~ Focusing so much on their technology actually dumbs them down. By William H. Wisner, from the July 17, 2009 edition

"Laredo, Texas - Libraries were once a sacred secular space of silence and reverence – a place where one automatically lowered one's voice. As a direct heir to the Enlightenment, the establishment of libraries was a testament to the self-evident integrity of mankind, the belief that we all desire to find the truth through knowledge.

Librarians once framed our mission in those terms – before libraries became the noisy computer labs they now are, with their jingle of ringtones, clattering keyboards, and unquenchable printers. And we reference librarians had a higher, more dignified calling than merely changing the printer paper. " READ MORE....

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Anonymous said...

Good article. I think that libraries have to find that balance between antique (microfilm, etc.) and modern (DVD.s, Internet). The point that budgets are a indicator of community support, etc. is not necessarily correct. In many smaller communities in 2009 dollars are scarce and funds typically go to schools, first responders, etc. Libraries are considered recreation by some people and subject to flat or reduced budgets. The public not just library staff, "Friends" and trustees need to take a more active role in budget setting with the local Town/City Council, Board of Selectmen, Finance Committees, etc.

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