Saturday, June 20, 2009

Beth Gallaway presents: Pain in the Brain (Library Behavior)

Thanks to all of you who participated in the WMRLS workshop "Pain in the Brain" that I facilitated on Wednesday morning, June 10 at the WMRLS headquarters in Whatley MA! Notes, slides, photos and podcasts (somewhat muted audio - be sure to turn up the volume!) follow.

Audio from all sessions is online at

Beth G.

Notes: Icebreaker: Things we find rewarding about working with teens


Drawing Exercise

Drawing Exercise Audio:

Group 1: Draw a TEEN, from a LIBRARIAN pov

  • androgynous
  • ipod
  • cell phone
  • texting
  • talking
  • trendy clothing
  • eyes are - asleep or bored
  • piercing
  • love wikipedia
  • barefoot or expensive sneakers that are untied or sandals in winter
  • packs
  • text the pack when alone
  • unlit
  • tattoos
  • emo hair
  • food & drink
  • trail of trash
  • waste
  • games
  • facebook or myspace
  • chewing tobacco, sunflower seeds

Group 2: Draw a LIBRARIAN, from a TEEN pov

  • old (at least over 25)
  • concerned with enforcing rules (no skateboards, no cell phones, no talking loudly, no running, no food & drink, no FUN)
  • "Do Not Disturb" sign
  • behind a desk
  • frowning
  • bun & specs
  • image may depend on where you grow up and the environment
  • shushing action
  • fists
  • ruler!
  • alone
  • computer screen as a wall

Group 3: Draw a TEEN, from a TEEN pov

  • important thing is being watched (through a magnifying glass)
  • in a group
  • high tech (cell phone, laptop, ipod)
  • designer clothes
  • librarian: you're too loud
  • being judged all the time
  • fashion
  • concern - is he looking at me? am i measuring up
  • hormonal
  • multiple groups
  • look older & sophistcated alone, younger when with parents
  • insecure
  • self-absorbed
  • adults are insignificant - interfering annoying sound
  • hungry for adult approval, ear to bend
  • play it off as cool
  • pulled in multiple directions (social pressure, school, etc)

Group 4: Draw a LIBRARIAN, from a LIBRARIAN pov

  • androgynous
  • many hats all at one time
  • cape with a bolt of lightening
  • superhuman
  • flat shoes
  • specs
  • smiling
  • pleasant
  • computers AND books (Twilight)
  • pulled in many directions
  • social pressures
Questions for the group:
Are there any similarities in these images?
Does we all look like this? Do teens?

Audio for Slides & Discussion:
Behavior Lecture & Discussion, Part 1
Behavior Lecture & Discussion, Part 2


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