Tuesday, May 12, 2009

MARLS Coop Extended Through June 2010

Dear MARLS Purchasing Cooperative Libraries:

Some good news! The MARLS Statewide Purchasing Cooperative will remain in effect through June of 2010.

The vendors of library materials and supplies have agreed to continue extending their excellent discounts and services to participating libraries for another year. These discounts help stretch library budgets in these difficult times. Technical services staff at libraries do not need to change their ordering procedures for at least another year.

During FY10, the Western Massachusetts Regional Library System, with assistance from the other Regions, will begin working on a brand new, even more comprehensive, statewide bid to go into effect in July of 2010.

For details on the MARLS program, please visit the Western Region's MARLS website at http://www.wmrls.org/coop/index.html. FYI, we notify participating libraries about any Coop news, clarifications and changed contact information through the statewide "allregions" email distribution list, and also note them in the "Updates" section of the MARLS website.

We hope you continue to enjoy the Cooperative for FY10. It is one of the many benefits of your library's membership in one of the 6 Regional Library Systems.

Thanks, John Ramsay, Regional Administrator, Western Massachusetts Regional Library System

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