Wednesday, April 8, 2009

WMRLS 26th Annual Summer Reading Program Power Workshop

(Coming Soon - A slide show when all pictures are developed)

72 Librarians representing WMRLS (and neighboring) member libraries participated in yesterday's WMRLS 26th Annual Summer Reading Program Power Workshop. In the coming days, we will be updating our WMRLS READS blog with links to program handouts, a slide show with program highlights, and other exciting summer reading program information.

A BIG THANK YOU to all of our program particiants and to our stellar librarian presenters and exhibitors:

* Mia Cabana, West Springfield Public Library
* Sarah Hodge Wetherbe, Springfield City Library
* Deb Cuthbert, Lenox Library Association
* Janice McArdle, Granby Public Library
* Holli Jayko, Adams Free Library,
* Cindy MacNaught, East Longmeadow Public Library
* Jenny Kinder, East Longmeadow Public Library
* Jenn Couturier, East Longmeadow Public Library
* Kay McCormack, East Longmeadow Public Library
* Celeste Bruno, Massachusetts Board of Library Commissioners
* Steve Swets, Buyer Advertising
* Kay Lyons, Greenfield Public Library
* Martha Richard, Storrs Library, Longmeadow
* Jean Maziarz, Storrs Library, Longmeadow
* Heather Marchetta, Storrs Library, Longmeadow
* Hillary Nolan, Westhampton Public Library
* Lynn Fay, Otis Public Library

Sincerely, Janet Eckert, WMRLS

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