Monday, April 13, 2009

Programs for ALL ages

In an effort to provide programming for our youngest patrons we have expanded our services for this group beyond the usual Toddler Time and Pre-School Story Times. There was a demand and need to fill the gap that faced families with very young children. In January 2008 we started a "Tummy Time" program for babies birth through active crawlers.
The response to this program was overwhelming!

Every Monday morning for two hours we host between 20-25 Mommy/Daddy/Baby participants. It has become an important social and networking group for new parents as well as active playtime for their babies. Not long after we began to hear comments from the graduates of this program (active crawlers and pre-walkers) who were not yet old enough for Toddler Time and Story Time that they wanted a program of their own. Out of these conversations came the idea for a "Baby Play Group". This program fills the gap for our youngest, but still very valuable patrons.

This group meets weekly for two hours. The wide variety of ages, birth-18 months, ensures that it is a lively and very social event. We at the Forbes wanted to be inclusive to all of our patrons, regardless of their age. The Children's and Young Adult Department now offers programming for ages birth-age 14. It is a wise investment to spend time with these young patrons because today's toddler will be tomorrow's adult patron and voting citizen! Besides the fact that they are incredibly fun to be around!!!

~ Lisa Downing, Assistant Director, Forbes Library, Northampton

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