Thursday, April 2, 2009

Breaking the Mold: Innovative Libraries & Programs

Now Available for Loan from the WMRLS Professional Collection:

Edited from the Library Video Network website:

"Breaking the Mold: Innovative Libraries and Programs, a training program that highlights outstanding libraries throughout the world."

Breaking the Mold: Innovative Libraries and Programs, a 25-minute program, visits the Columbus (OH) Metropolitan Library to see how they’re able to achieve a 48-hour turnaround time in technical services, the Cerritos (CA) Library to view their outstanding design and display, Hong Kong Public Libraries to view their audio-visual catalog, and several other libraries trying new methods to meet their customers’ needs. “This program lets libraries around the world learn about interesting and successful innovations without having to travel to each of the libraries,” according to Producer Carl Birkmeyer. “It shows you how the West Palm Beach Library (FL) created a dragon academy for their summer reading club and the fantastic efforts of Middle Country Public Library (NY) created a disaster preparedness clearinghouse for their community,” he added. "

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