Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Regional and Network Statewide Planning Summit Survey

Dear Western Region Libraries:

WMRLS strongly urges staff at all our member libraries of all types to take the easy-to-complete online planning survey.

We need to know what support services and resources are most important to your library and its users. The results of this survey will help shape future service directions and the very structureof organizations that exist to help libraries statewide. These include the Massachusetts Board of Library Commissioners, the Regional Library Systems (including WMRLS) and the automated resource sharing systems (like C/W MARS and MassCat).

So, let your needs be known, no matter what size or type library you work at or represent. In these difficult times, it's clear that State funding is insufficient to provide everything we want. Things will need to change, and we need to know what services are priorities for your library and how they should be provided.

Thank you,
John Ramsay, Regional Administrator, WMRLS

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