Friday, January 30, 2009

Arms Library Event - Western Mass. Writer Brings War Home

At the Arms Library in Shelburne Falls on February 6 at 7 p.m.

Tyler Boudreau's powerfully written Packing Inferno: The Unmaking of a Marine is the subject of a reading on February 6, 2009 at 7 p.m. at The Arms Library, Shelburne Falls, Mass.

There is no charge for this event, which will be held in the downstairs Langford Meeting Room. Information: 413-625-0306; or, email .

Boudreau will be speaking at a number of local public libraries through the months of February and March, as well in Los Angeles with Scott Ritter and Nadia McCaffrey. Information on those readings:

Writes David Bowne Wood, National Security Correspondent, The Baltimore Sun and author of A Sense of Values: American Marines in an Uncertain World.

"This is a deeply stirring book, angry and funny and insightful, about war and those whom war envelopes. It will bring knowing nods of recognition from veterans; it may shock others. To all of us, Tyler Boudreau offers a profound gift: the moral clarity we need to welcome the warriors back home."

With twelve and a half years spent serving the country's Marine Corps on active duty, Captain Tyler E. Boudreau was on March 1, 2004 deployed to Iraq as the Assistant Operations Officer for 2d Battalion, 2d Marines (2/2) based in Camp Lejeune, North Carolina. Upon his return from Iraq in the fall of 2004, Boudreau assumed command of a rifle company (Fox 2/2), and prepared to deploy again to Iraq. But by April 2005, his concerns about the war combined with his deep affection for his Marines, made him unable to remain in uniform any longer. He relinquished his command and resigned his commission.

He spent his final days in the Marine Corps calling parents and wives to let them know their Marines had been wounded in war.

Boudreau has been published in Progressive, in The New York Times Op/Ed, Huffington Post, The Daily Hampshire Gazette, and, The Seattle Times, and, has made a number of media appearances.

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