Thursday, October 9, 2008

Coffee Bars, Computer Blogs, & Cybrarians

A big thank you to Bonnie Isman, Director of the Amherst Libraries, and guest presenter of today's inspiring WMRLS Continuing Education Workshop titled Coffee Bars, Computer Blogs, and Cybrarians, Oh My! It’s Not your Grandmother’s Public Library.

This presentation was originally conducted for the Greenfield Senior Symposia series and to other local organizations. The content was designed for community groups with the hope of stretching their minds about the kinds of things that libraries can do. Using slides, websites, and a special DVD presentation, Bonnie gave participants a whirlwind tour of the history of American libraries and concluded by showcasing 21st century libraries and the incredible services and programs that they provide their communites.

Posted below is a sampling of the material that Bonnie shared with us.

YouTube Presentation: Jones Library English as a Second Language (ESL) Tutoring

Carnegie Libraries -

Cerritos launches "The Experience Library" -

From Awareness to Funding: A study of library support in America © 2008 OCLC -

In Search of Solutions: How People use the Internet, Libraries, and Government Agencies to Find Help -

Libraries with Coffee Shops -

The Library History Buff (Look for "The First Bookmobile")-

Library pioneers strove for a place in history. Republican, The (Springfield, MA) - July 28, 2008 Author: STAN FREEMAN Edition: ALL Section: NEWS Page: A01

Number of Libraries in the United States -

The Peterborough Town Library:The Oldest Free Public Library in the World Supported by Taxation -

Wyoming Libraries -

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