Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Chibiconn V: A HIT!

On September 27, 2008, the Springfield City Library opened its doors to the anime fans of Western Massachusetts with a vast selection of anime showings on the Community Room’s big screen! Starting off with the classic 1963 anime Astro Boy, the day showcased anime for all ages and tastes. Among those shown were: Glass Fleet (a sci-fi drama about a rebellion against a cold and ruthless ruling class), Emma: A Victorian Romance (A Jane Austen-type period romance), and Ghost Stories (a hilarious re-dub of a spooky ghost-chasing tale, filled with Daily Show type humor). Between each showing, a series of door prizes, generously donated by several anime companies and contacts, were given away.

On Sunday the 28th, the crowds returned for our headliner contests and guests. The Anime Music Video contest was cancelled due to lack of entries, but we still enjoyed a showing of AMVs, some created by our young patrons, some showcased as winners from local conventions through the years! Next, we were treated to a manga workshop presented by Bettina M. Kurkoski. Bettina is a professional artist and manga creator for Tokyopop, and she did a wonderful job of not only teaching drawing tips, but also explaining the complicated buisness of being a professional artist. From agents to contracts to computer programs to figure sketching, she covered everything you need to know.

Then it was on to the cosplay and skit contest. The costumes were varied and the skits were well written. The art contest followed with a fantastic display of the creativity of the next generation of manga and animation artists on hand. Every piece was interesting and refreshing, and our judges had plenty of trouble narrowing the winners down.

By the end of the day our final count was in! 127 anime fans had passed through our doors to join the fun! What did they have to say about the festival? Here are just a few comments!

“It gave me the spirit of anime, the real anime spirit.”

“I had never really tried to cosplay before, but Chibiconn absolutely made me get some motivation and discover that I actually enjoyed anime and making costumes!”

“I love anime and I like to meet other people who like anime.”

Safe to say, the event was a hit!

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